ver. 3.0 for Android Phones
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A simple application to keep statistics of your favorite basketball player (your son / daughter, a friend, the player that you like ...).

The management of statistics is typically challenging task that do not allows you to follow the current match but with the simplicity of MyBasketStats you can enjoy the show while scoring
  • throws
  • field goal
  • rebounds
  • blocks
  • assists
  • personal fouls
  • turnovers
  • steal
  • points
  • game time
  • block shot
  • block against

With a few simple tap you can insert the personal details of your player, choose your match and you're ready to go.

A simple page buttons will allow you to follow the match and, when your player performs an action, with a tap score a statistical point.

Don't worry if you're wrong button, a undo function effectively allows you to eliminate backward actions marked.

At any time, with a tap, you can see the result of your operations, and immediately return to mark the next steps.
No sudden break will stop the application (receiving phone calls, opening other applications, etc. ...);
reopening MyBasketStats and your job will be waiting.

Still too much work to do?
You can't follow the match as you would like?

MyBasketStats allows you to change what types of statistics you wish to follow,
with immediate effect, to obtain a more simple page, with more bigger buttons, and then simplify the operations to be performed.

The data are stored in a database and can be sent via email or viewed at any time.

The application supports both landscape and portrait views, adapting with changes in appearance, if necessary.

Have fun with MyBasketStats.

App pages summary
  • Entry
  • Home
  • Configuration: Stats types, Customization
  • Insert / Edit matches
  • List matches
  • Marks stats
  • Show stats
  • List matches to compare
  • Results matches compared
  • Icons Legend
  • Manual: General, Home, Configuration, Edit match, List matches, Marks stats, Show stats
  • Notes: History, Court, Game, Point, Rules

App Entry Page
Home Page
GameList Page
Entry Page  Home Page  List Matches Page
Edit Page
Config Tab1 Page
Config Tab2 Page
 Edit Page  Config Tab 1 Page  Config Tab 2 Page
DoStats Page
Show Stats Page
Show matches compared
 Marks Stats Page  Show Stats Page  Results matches comparison
Icons Legend
Manual Page
Notes Pages
 Icons Legend
 Manual Pages
 Notes pages

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